"Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice." (Peter Drucker)


When I launched my freelance translation business, I was fortunate enough to have studied business and worked with new and successful entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this knowledge, which is essential to succeed as a freelance translator, is not taught in translation schools and universities. Many qualified and experienced linguists fail to achieve their goals for lack of knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, accounting, etc. To help them out, I write a blog on launching and running a translation business. Through CI3M, an accredited online training centre for translators, I now also offer three online training courses (ONLY AVAILABLE IN FRENCH).


  • Assessing feasibility
  • Promoting and selling your services
  • Managing a translation business
  • Maintaining a work-life balance


  • Researching the market
  • Defining your offer
  • Developing a strategy
  • Marketing and selling your services


  • Understanding your obligations
  • Preparing business documents
  • Managing your business
  • Increasing your income


My training offer is aimed at professional translators who are starting or already working as freelancers. It consists of three programmes taught online: one with a duration of eight weeks, to create and develop a translation business, and two of three weeks: one on marketing and the other on business management. Delivered via CI3M, a certified training centre for translators, they are eligible for adult continuing education funding (Pôle Emploi, CPF, FIF PL, etc.).




All three courses incorporate videos and practical exercises to help you define your strategy and design the tools that will facilitate the management of your translation business.


Individual COACHING

I contact each learner by phone once a week to review the concepts covered in the training videos, answer questions and adapt the content of the modules to his or her particular needs.



In addition to teaching, I write a blog in French on the creation and management of a freelance translation business. Subscribe to the feed and follow me on social networks to be notified of new publications and learn more about the business side of translation.

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