"Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates approximately 3 times as many leads." 

(Demand Metric) 

Writing is both an art and a craft. It is a skill that requires creativity, but also technicality and rigour, to deliver a message in a natural and convincing way, so that it appeals to and engages your target audience, customers and prospects.

marketing content

  • Translation and copywriting to engage your French audience
  • Creative and strategic process
  • On brand communication and advertising
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Persuasive and engaging copy to achieve your goals

web copywriting

  • Copywriting of digital content: web copy, blogs, social media, newsletters, white papers...
  • Reader-oriented
  • Clear and concise writing
  • Authentic conversational style
  • Search engine optimisation


Transcreation is a creative translation of content, usually advertising, based on strategic branding. Its quality does not depend solely on the rendering of meaning, but of the emotional impact of the source, to intrigue, engage and motivate in the target language and culture.



As a translator and blog author, writing is my natural mode of expression. Mastering the principles of commercial writing as well as the grammar and syntax of my mother tongue, I write for you informative and promotional content (web and marketing copy, brochures, newsletter, blog posts, press releases, etc.).



I also translate your web content for search engine spiders. As with any communication, SEO is based on a set of rules and codes (adding tags, using keywords, creating links...). I integrate them into my writing in order to get your message across and maximise its effectiveness in French.



I revise your writings to improve their style, tone and expression, so they sound as if they were originally written in French.

Copywriting and transcreation are high value-added activities requiring both rigour and creativity. There is nothing magical about producing clear and compelling copy: it's a process, based on years of practice and training. 

Before I start working on your project, I will ask you questions about your brand, your product or service, the target audience, the campaign and source materials, so I can fully understand your message and intent.

The next phase takes time, to research, write, adapt, proofread, revise, improve, until you get a French copy that is both clear and effective, meeting your needs and requirements.

I deliver your copy in the requested file format, along with notes to explain some of my strategic choices and to provide different options for taglines and slogans, along with a back translation if necessary.

Convinced I can help?