"72% of customers abroad would rather buy products that provide information in their own language."

(Common Sense Advisory)


Translation is an integral part of your international development strategy. Beyond words, culture plays an essential role in communication and your message must follow its codes so you can present yourself in the best possible light to your foreign target audience.


To achieve your objectives, you need a professional linguist, with business and cross-cultural skills.


You are in good hands.


  • Promotional materials
  • Websites and web copy
  • Mobile applications
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Market research
  • Product descriptions and catalogues...

international trade

  • E-commerce websites
  • Terms and conditions
  • Commercial documents
  • Business plans
  • Market reports
  • Business proposals
  • Sales correspondence...

BUSINESS communication

  • Newsletters
  • Internal publications
  • Statements and announcements
  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Presentation decks
  • Training materials and e-learning...


A good translator always works into her mother tongue, the one whose subtleties and specifics she knows best.

I therefore translate exclusively from English into French. I specialise in marketing, international trade and corporate communication, which require excellent writing skills and cultural sensitivity.



I proofread your translations and documents written in French (by a native or perfectly bilingual writer) and compare them to their source to identify possible errors. I carefully check spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation and formatting to guarantee the quality of your writing. In addition, I can evaluate the syntax, tone, style and quality of expression of your texts to suggest modifications, and even rewrite them partially or entirely to make them clear and convincing in French.




Unfamiliar with the French market? I can help too... Based in Paris, I live in my mother tongue and culture. I am your eyes and ears in France and I know your customers well. You can count on me to not only translate, but also adapt your copy (terminology, visuals, units, cultural references...) to help you seduce the French.

My personal and professional experience has allowed me to acquire specialised knowledge in two sectors in particular. This saves you time, as you will have less explanation to give me to get me started on your translation project. Il also guarantees that I use appropriate terminology: the result of extensive documentary research, my participation in training courses, trade shows and events, as well as networking. 


Passenger and cargo transportation: general and commercial aviation (including charter and private aviation), freight forwarding, airlines, airport operations, air traffic impact, control and regulation.

Design, renovation and decoration of indoor and outdoor spaces. Public space and home decor. Innovation, equipments and materials. Furniture, lighting, decorative objects and accessories, tableware...

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